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Badran need to disseminate media awareness of the dangers of smoking among college students

بدران يؤكد ضرورة نشر التوعية الإعلامية بمخاطر التدخين بين طلبة الجامعات أكد الدكتور عدنان بدران، الرئيس الفخري لاتحاد الجامعات الأردنية لمكافحة التبغ والتدخين، أهمية تكثيف حملات التوعية الإعلامية للاتحاد، لنشر ثقافة التوعية بمخاطر التدخين بين طلبة الجامعات. ودعا خلال... read more


Ph.D. 1963 Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA Michigan, USA

M.Sc. 1960 Michigan State University, East Lansing,

B.Sc. 1959 Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Okla., USA

Hon. Ph.D. 1981 Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Republic of KoreaHon . Doctorate in Science 2007, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Mich. USA.

West Watkins distinguished Lectureship Award 2009, Oklahoma State University USA.

Honorary Professorship 2012, L.N.Gumilev Eurasian National University Astana- Kazakhstan.

Hon.Doctorate in Business, 2014 Yarmouk University.

Member of the Board of Trustees of the baccalaureate – Amman, Jordan   (1983)

Member, Executive Committee of the Noor Al Hussein Foundation – Amman, Jordan (1985)

Member, Board of Trustees of the King Hussein Foundation – Amman, Jordan (1999)

Chairman of the Jubilee Institute – Amman, Jordan (2000) President of Arab Academy of Sciences. Beirut, (2003)

Member, Board of Trustees of Masdar Institute of Technology, Abu Dhabi (2007 )

Chairman of Board of Trustees of the Arab Forum for Environment and  Development (AFED), Beirut (2008).

Member of UNESCO Good-Will committee on Discrimination in Education  (2011) Member, Board of Trustees of Arab Thought Forum, Amman (2012 –   )

Vice President, The Higher Council for Science & Technology (H.C.S.T), Amman (2013)

Chairman of Board of Trustees of Jordan University, Amman (2014)

2007 President, University of Petra, Amman

2009-2012 Chairman of the Administrative Board of Arab Thought Forum, Amman

2006-2010 Senator and chairman of the senate Committee on education science, culture and media.

2005 Prime Minister of Jordan & Minster of Defense.

1998-2005 President of Philadelphia University.

1994-1998 Deputy Director General (DDG), UNESCO, Paris..

1990-1994 Assistant Director General for Science (ADG/SC), UNESCO. Paris.

1989 Minister of Agriculture, Jordan Minister of Education. Jordan

1986-1987 Secretary General of the Higher Council for Science and Technology, Jordan.

1976-1986 Founding President of Yarmouk University, Jordan and Founder of the Science and Technology University Campus (JUST University), Jordan.

1976-1986 Professor at Yarmouk University and at Jordan University for Science and Technology and University of Jordan. 1971-1976 Dean of the Faculty of Science at the University of Jordan.

1966-1971 Assistant, Associate, Professor, Faculty of Science University of Jordan.

1963-1966 Senior Research Plant Physiologist and Biochemist at the United Fruit Research Laboratories, U.S. and Central America, and member of the Board of Management.

1960-1963 Research Assistant at Michigan State University. USA.

Renaissance, Al-Nahda Medal; Yarmouk Khalid Bin Walid Medal; Alfonso the tenth Medal,

Spain; Hall of Fame Alumni Award, Oklahoma State University, USA; Independence National Medal, Estiklal, 1995.

Nahda National medal 2005. Arab Thought Foundation Award for best Arab Scientist in higher education research 2005.

TWAS Regional Prize for “Building Scientific Institutions”, Durban, South Africa, Oct. 2009.

World Education Asia award for Outstanding Contribution to education 2011. Shoman award for Peer review of young Arab scientists.

  • Member of the Board of Trustees of the Jordanian Renewable Energy Society – Amman, Jordan (2012 –       ).
  • President, Board of National Center of Human Rights (20082011),
  • President of the Asia-Pacific Forum on human rights (APF) Sidney (20092011),
  • Member of Int’l coordinating committee of human rights, Geneva.
  • Advisory Board Member, Arab Thought Foundation, Beirut (2009 –2014 ).
  • Past Vice president and Treasurer of The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS),
  • Executive Board member of: International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS) ,
  • Member of International council of Scientific Union (ICSU), and International Association of Universities (IAU) and Universities presidents (IAUP),
  • Member of UNESCO bio-Science network. Royal Society of Conversation of Nature (RSCN), etc.



 Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating is featured, along with a brief explanation.


Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating is featured, along with a brief explanation.

Academic Career Mr. Badran obtained his Bachelor of Science from Oklahoma State University and his Master’s and Ph.D degrees from Michigan State University.

Political Career Dr.Badran was appointed first Secretary General of the country’s Higher Council for Science and Technology. The Hon.Dr.Adnan Badran also served as agriculture minister and education minister before he became president of the Arab Academy of Sciences at the Philadelphia University of Jordan. Mr. Badran also held the position of deputy director of UNESCO from 1992 to 1998. In 2005 Dr.Badran was appointed Prime Minister, and also became defense minister. Currently Dr.Badran serves as the president of Petra university.

Dr. Adnan Badran

The Chancellor , University of Petra